Glorious Model O- Minus Gaming Mouse Customised

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Want to see it being done? you can HERE

You can ask me to do anything you like but here examples that you are able to pick from (each mouse is different to not all will be applicable).

If the mods you want are not listed then contact me via the shop live chat or

  • Reduce the stock weight
  • Swap the stock switches for any you like.
  • Replace the skatez
  • Add a paracord
  • Anything missing just asks. 
  • Make it wireless where applicable

Each one is hand done so there might be some differences in how it looks for you depending on what you are having done.

If I'm modding your mouse then the shipping address to send the mouse for customisation is:

Note: ensure your item is marked as a gift and the value is not stated as this will be subject to import tax and this cost will be passed onto you.

Beardedbob Studio Unit 15596 Courier Point, 
13 Freeland Park, 
Wareham Road, 
BH16 6FH, UK.


Any problems with the shipping address please contact Beardedbob support


Note: Each mouse is custom made and tailored to your specific requirements therefore there is no refund.

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