Hakko 599B Solder Tip Cleaning Wire Brass with Pot 599B-02

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Brand: Hakko


  • Specialist brass cleaning wire for soldering iron tips in holder.
  • May be used to clean excess solder from the tip without cooling.
  • Casing catches the cooled solder in removable tray for no-mess.
  • May be used as a standalone pot or fits into the FH200 series Iron Holders.
  • May be used with a wide variety of soldering irons and Tips

Binding: Misc.

Details: The Hakko 599B Tip Cleaner is the ideal cleaning alternative to the traditional wet sponge. The non-abrasive brass shavings is tough enough to scrub residual solder from your soldering tools without your soldering iron becoming cool.

Package Dimensions: 3.1 x 3.0 x 2.0 inches

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