Logitech G Pro Wireless Weight Reduction Custom Modification

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Description of what each Stage includes as well as the estimated weight reduction:-

 Stage 1 - (estimated 60 grams in weight) - Video showing it done HERE

  • Drilled Base Plate;
    • This removes the extra plastic but doesn't remove the powerplay charging section.
  • Remove Powerplay Charging plastic and magnets;
    • This removes all of the plastic on the base around this area as well as the internal magnets. Note: You will not be able to use the powerplay charging feature if this is Yes.
  • Remove Side Buttons;
    • This removes the side buttons. (5g per set of side buttons saved)
  • Battery Mod;
    • Over 24h of continuous use. Note this also charges much faster and is visible in Logitech's software.

Stage 2 - as Stage 1 + (estimated 60 grams in weight) - Video showing it done HERE

  • Standard Omron 50m left and right switches swapped out for one of the following;
    • Kailh GM Red's
    • TTC Golds
    • Other - (contact me to confirm what you want)

Stage 3 - as Stage 1 & 2 + (estimated 58 grams in weight) - More Information HERE

  • Drill The Main Shell;
    • Removes around 1 grams.
  • Drill Left and Right Main Buttons;
    • Removes around 1 gram.

There are extras you can also have on top of these including new stakes and grip tape from

  • Hyperglide
  • Corepad
  • Hotline
  • Tigers


Shipping Address to send mouse for customisation:

Note: ensure your item is marked as a gift and the value is not stated as this will be subject to import tax and this cost will be passed onto you.

Beardedbob Studio Unit 15596 Courier Point, 
13 Freeland Park, 
Wareham Road, 
BH16 6FH, UK.


Any problems with shipping address please contact Beardedbob support


Note: Each mouse is custom made and tailored to your specific requirements therefore there is no refund.


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