Logitech G305 3d Printed Parts for weight reduction

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Install video and what it looks like along with the weight VIDEO HERE

You can order these parts and mod the mouse yourself, how this mod turns out is not my responsibility this is for the parts only. 

This cost to for the printing time and materials for the parts as the files are publicly available and I'm not selling the files. 

You can pick them all to be printed or just certain ones.

  • Rear Panel
  • LR44/DPI
  • Base
  • LR44 can't be included as it's restricted to ship. You will need to provide one if you need one.

NOTE When installing these they are fragile as these are 3d printed so you must take your time. If you break them during installation this is your own risk and a refund will not be provided. These prints can be rough and will require in most cases some sanding. If you need a replacement part let me know.

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